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Tech Tip: Stop email spam to your gmail account with this easy trick!

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Tired of all the spam that constantly fills your inbox? We are too!

Majority of the spam you receive comes from email lists that you opt into when signing up or registering for a website, service or product. Most of us don't want to take the time to create a fake email just specifically for spam. The good news is, if you're a gmail user, you don't have to anymore! There is an easy trick to control the flow of spam and tenuously opt-in junk mail into your inbox.

All you have to do is customize your Gmail address by adding "." or "+" to your email address when giving out your email and still receive emails sent to that address. For example, if your email was: ihate@gmail.com, and you want to sign up for website but you don't want constant spam, just sign up as ihate+spam@gmail.com or i.hate@gmail.com and it'll still work! Gmail ignores the periods and anything after the + sign, but it still shows up in the to: field when you receive an email to that address. Now all you have to do is set up a filter in your gmail.

When you login to your gmail, click the down arrow next to your "Search mail" at the top.

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This will create a drop down a menu, in the "To" field type your new customized email address ie: ihate+spam@gmail.com and click on "Create filter". A new drop down will appear with action options you can choose that match the filter you just created. Check the boxes for "Skip the Inbox", "Mark as read", and "Also apply filter to matching conversations."

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And there you have it! Now you can sign up for a website, service, or a product without the worry of all the spam emails. Filters are one of the easiest ways to control the flow of spam and are essential tool for creating an organized inbox. you can create multiple email addresses and filter them to your needs. For example, ihate+bills@gmail.com, ihate+socialmedia@gmail.com, ihate+contests@gmail.com ... you get the point. Happy Subscribing!

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