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Cybersecurity Services

Successfully navigate your business through today’s online threat landscape.

Let’s face it, the Internet is an essential tool for nearly every organization. Unfortunately, with that reliance comes opportunists that look to undermine organizational forward momentum through hacking, scamming, and other cyberattacks. The impact these cyberattacks can have on a business can range from troublesome to tragic. To combat these continuous and ever-evolving threats, organizations need to have a robust cybersecurity posture that helps mitigate risk, protect endpoints and data, and develop strong practices designed to marginalize threats.

At Torch I.T. Solutions, one of the core tenants in our mission to provide comprehensive IT support and services is to prioritize our clients’ organizational cybersecurity by tailoring a plan specifically for their needs. This detailed approach includes several tools and strategies that give organizations the best chance of controlling their Internet-facing assets. Using today’s most innovative tools and strategies, our knowledgeable technicians can help any organization protect and control their technology. 

Full Network Assessment and Consultation

The best way forward is knowing where you are right now

Before we can create a bespoke cybersecurity plan for your organization, we’ll need to understand how your organization’s technology works inside your business. We will do a complete network assessment that will give us an idea of where your organization is strong and where it may need more attention. 

When the assessment is complete, we will go over the reports to help you understand where your organization stands in regards to its cybersecurity. We’ll then lay out our plan to provide affordable and comprehensive enterprise-level security by outlining the risks your organization faces and the solutions to mitigating those risks. 

Managed Security Services 

Comprehensive cybersecurity handled by the best technicians in Greater Houston, Fulshear and Katy Texas

We work with organizations everyday that all have different security needs. That’s why we create a cybersecurity plan specifically for your organization. The idea is to secure your organization’s technology without compromising the effectiveness and access to it for your users. 

We provide the following security services:

  • Deployment of enterprise security software - Spam protection, content filtering, firewalls, password managers and more help control exposure to potentially harmful situations.
  • Detection and remediation - Our experts use powerful software to fix potential security issues before they turn into problems. 
  • Cloud security - Most organizations utilize cloud platforms nowadays and we work to add protection to ensure your online-hosted assets are protected.
  • Policy creation - Solid organizational cybersecurity starts with solid cybersecurity policy. Our consultants can help you identify risk and create robust policies geared at mitigating threats.
  • Patch management - A large percentage of network breaches are from software that hasn’t been properly updated. We ensure that all your software is patched and current.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - Our reliable BDR platform protects your business from data loss and other disasters.
  • Training and testing - Besides policy creation, we can help you set up a training and testing platform that can help build a workforce that understands their role in keeping your business secure. 

This is just a start. We can provide more advanced cybersecurity services and can even help with your business’ physical security. If you would like to learn more about how Torch I.T. Solutions can help you secure your business, help you set policy, and improve your overall security strategies, give us a call today at (281) 769-2040. 

Additionally, for the next few months, we will be focused on educating you on all things Cybersecurity so that you have a baseline to grow from.

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